Labec, Models/modelli comunitari (EUIPO), Italian patent n. 006721619-0001; n. 006721619-0002; n. 006721619-0003 (2019)

The combination of the Japanese millenary philosophy with the Italian tailoring tradition has given life to unique and exclusive products

Labec, Method for producing a porous adduct for adsorption of pollutants in contaminated soils, porous adduct, compositions including the porous adduct and related uses. Italian Patent N ° 1102020000028049 (2020).

Development of innovative and sustainable materials through the use of proprietary or third-party technologies, and the consequent protection of intellectual property and the related transfer to producers and distributors also through licensing or transfer agreements; the granting of intellectual property rights on the domestic and foreign market.


  • Realization by 3d printing (FDM technique) of Hornet lamp by using sustainable filaments, consulting project for Lumen Center Italia srl company
  • Submitted H2020 European Project "WASTE2PRODUCTS
Italian project (Mise n°DS567) to enhance the community designs (Italian patent) through their realization by 3D-printing technology
The funded project idea is based on:
  1. Screening and assessment of eco-sustainable materials for the creation of "handle bags" for fashion design
  2. Creation of handle-bag prototypes by use of 3D-printing technology


Design of a new Filtering Facepiece Particles, FFP, sustainable and with improved performance
Product added to compare.

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