The "mission" of the start-up essentially concerns the development and construction of prototypes and / or products with geometries and materials defined by the customer through design in autocad and subsequent analysis and parameterization with slicing software for 3D printing. It has in its "portfolio" 3 high-performance printers, two of which a Raise 3Dpro2 and a Creality CR5 High Temperature, which allow the creation of products using sustainable thermoplastic polymers and a third SLS printer, Fuse 1 Formlabs, for the printing of thermosetting powders / polymers.

Our 3 high-performance printers

Raise3D Pro2


Fuse 1 Formlabs

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are two of the most commonly used techniques in 3D printing as additive manufacturing to produced “objects” for several sectors such as furniture in construction field and in packaging sector. 3D printing, can be described as a process of joining different layers of materials to create 3D objects through what is called a “Surface Tessellation Language file” (.stl) obtained from a CAD-assisted design. The usable process temperatures reach values up to 300°C, the thickness of filaments can reach value until 1.75 mm. These parameters permit the processing several typology of materials: PLA, composite PLA, TPU, ABS, etc...

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